Legal Loop: Why not disaster-proof your law firm today?

From The Daily Record March 2014 Legal Loop: Why not disaster-proof your law firm today? “According the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey results, 58 percent of lawyers surveyed cited security concerns as the top reason that prevented them from using cloud computing in their law practices. The problem is, the current file storage […]

Copying X-Ray Discs The Right Way

 How do you copy your x-ray discs? Simply making a copy of a disc yourself may be seem like an easy solution but it often ends up badly. Many times a “burned” disc malfunctions or simply does not work at all. This is because the software on all discs is copyright protected. When copies are […]

Hello from Legal X-Ray Duplicating

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Survey: Doctors mixed on electronic medical records

From USA Today – ” A study by the Rand Corp., a non-profit worldwide research group, found that electronic health records, or EHRs, are a mixed bag for doctors. Though doctors in the survey said they believe that EHRs are improving some aspects of quality care for patients, the conversion has increased workloads, been more […]