X-Ray Copy Service

1optionsfilmWe copy x-ray, CT scan, MRI and all types of medical films.
Since 1996 Legal X-Ray has been the leader in the field of x-ray duplicating. Our customer service and equipment separate our x-ray copy service from the pack. Our customers choose us as their x-ray copy service time and time again for many reasons:

Diagnostic Quality
Our x-ray copy service is all digital and it shows. We only use FDA approved digital scanners to insure perfect diagnostic quality x-ray copies. After the x-ray films are scanned we print a perfect digital x-ray copy using professional Konica dry laser imagers and Konica film. Quality film and equipment insures a quality x-ray copy.

headnneckSpeed and Reliability
Speed is the reason we began our x-ray copy service. Legal X-Ray copy service was started as a speedy alternative to getting x-rays copied at hospitals and clinics. We have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time and same day x-ray copy service is available upon request. In NYC and Long Island our messengers can pick up your films the same day that you call. For our out of state customers we will begin your job as soon as we receive your films and can overnight them to you upon request. If time is an issue, Legal X-Ray is the x-ray copy service to call.

Safety & Security
At Legal X-Ray our entire team is trained and certified in HIPAA compliance and the security of your films is our highest concern. Our x-ray copy service is performed on premises and your medical films never leave our lab to insure their safety and confidentiality.

Time and Money
By simply calling Legal X-Ray copy service whenever additional sets of x-rays are needed, you will be amazed by the amount of time and money you will save in the course of a year. Something to keep in mind, medical facilities can charge as much as 2 to 3 times more for their x-ray copy service, with a much longer wait time.


Variety of Services
When you choose Legal X-Ray as your xray scanning service you can also take advantage of a host of other services as well. Our X-ray Scanning and Digital Imaging Services include:

  • Scanning XRays from film to disc in a variety of formats
  • X-Ray Printing on film from disc or digital image.
  • Scanning X-Rays for Exhibits or Digital Projection Displays
  • DICOM Disc Duplication
  • X-Ray Copy Service
  • Digitize X-Rays for FTP with CD or DVD backup
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery in our local area
  • 24 to 48 hour turn around for most orders
  • We Ship Worldwide
  • Digitize X-Rays for Selective Cropping and Reverse Positives
  • Convert DICOM Discs to the format of your choice
  • Medical Records Scanning
  • Large Scale Archiving

If you need an x ray scanning service that you don’t see listed, just ask and chances are we can do it. Whether you need to digitize x-rays, copy x-rays or print x-rays, Legal X-Ray is committed to being your one stop x-ray copy shop. We are the X-Ray Scanning Service Specialists!

If you want something done
that’s not listed…just ask!
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