X-Ray Film Printing

3optionsprintingIf you have requested MRI, CT or X-Ray films from your doctor or hospital recently, you may have been surprised by what you actually received. Many facilities no longer print x-ray film and are now processing their patients MRI, CT or X-Rays on CD discs. This can be an obstacle for many patients who would prefer hard copy x-ray printouts on film. When patients need to convert x-rays from disc and print x-ray films they face a real problem if their doctor or hospital has gone digital and no longer offers x-ray printing. Many people that want x-ray films printed from CD are finding it difficult to find an x-ray film printer. If you are someone that needs to print x-rays we can help. If you need to print x rays, print MRI film or print CT film we are your one stop medical film printing solution. Legal X-Rays primary focus is medical film printing. Our specialty is printing MRI film, printing CT film and printing x-rays on film. Since medical film printing is our main focus we can print MRI film, print CT film and print x ray film much faster and much cheaper than our competitors.

There are a few reasons why hospitals no longer offer x-ray printing.

hipXR_color1- Expense. Printing on x-ray film can be costly. Darkroom equipment, x-ray film printing and laser x-ray film printers are very expensive to operate and maintain. Hospitals are eliminating x-ray film printing simply because the cost to print xray films is too high. Unlike hospitals and clinics Legal X-Ray specializes in xray printing. Our focus on xray film printing allows us to print xray films for a much cheaper price than hospitals and clinics can offer. We convert x-rays from digital to x-ray film printouts at the lowest rate in the industry. If you need x-ray films printed from CD to need to print x-rays give us a call, we are The XRay Printing Experts.

2- Time. It is much less time consuming to put x-rays on CD than printing on x-ray film. In hospitals and in all businesses time is money. Medical facilities would much rather have their staff working on patients rather than converting xrays and printing x-rays. At Legal X-Ray we print x ray films faster than anyone in the industry. Because our focus is only on copying, scanning and printing x-rays we are able to complete xray film printing orders very quickly. We have multiple Konica x-ray film printers which allow us the ability to print x ray film at a very high volume. X ray printing jobs never wait at Legal X-Ray which is why we have the fastest turn around rate for xray film printing in the industry.

3- Space. Printing on x-ray film requires space. With work space being scarce, many facilities no longer print xrays and have gone filmless due to the room needed for film storage and for the equipment needed for x ray film printing. When facilities go filmless they usually give xrays on CD and no longer provide hard copy x-ray printouts on film to their patients. If you have your x-ray films on disc and need to convert xrays from digital to hard copy xray printouts on film, just give us a call and we will take care of all of your x ray printing needs.

When all of these factors taken into consideration, it is easy to see why fewer and fewer medical facilities offer MRI, CT or X Ray film printing or hard copy xray film printouts anymore. As more and more facilities go filmless the harder it becomes to find a place to print xrays.

Legal X-Ray has been getting more and more calls from frustrated patients that received their x rays on CD instead of hard copy x ray film printouts. They needed their MRI, CT or X-Ray images in hard copy form and were finding it impossible to get their x-ray films printed from CD. Our customers have been relieved to hear that YES, we can print x-ray films from the CD you received from your doctor or hospital. So if you have to convert X Rays, MRI or CT images from CD and need hard copy x ray film printouts please give us a call at 800-232-6750.

Variety of Services
When you choose Legal X-Ray as your xray scanning service you can also take advantage of a host of other services as well. Our X-ray Scanning and Digital Imaging Services include:

  • Scanning XRays from film to disc in a variety of formats
  • X-Ray Printing on film from disc or digital image.
  • Scanning X-Rays for Exhibits or Digital Projection Displays
  • DICOM Disc Duplication
  • X-Ray Copy Service
  • Digitize X-Rays for FTP with CD or DVD backup
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery in our local area
  • 24 to 48 hour turn around for most orders
  • We Ship Worldwide
  • Digitize X-Rays for Selective Cropping and Reverse Positives
  • Convert DICOM Discs to the format of your choice
  • Medical Records Scanning
  • Large Scale Archiving

If you need an x ray scanning service that you don’t see listed, just ask and chances are we can do it. Whether you need to digitize x-rays, copy x-rays or print x-rays, Legal X-Ray is committed to being your one stop x-ray copy shop. We are the X-Ray Scanning Service Specialists!

If you want something done
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